Constitution Act of Finland 1919

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Image source: Mint of Finland

Constitution Act of Finland 1919 2 

With the Constitution Act of 1919, the first Constitution of an independent Finland, the nation elected to be governed as a republic. Finland's republican system of government and the foundations of Finnish democracy were recorded in the Constitution Act. This special 2 euro coin pays tribute to the Finnish Constitution Act of 1919. The basic tenets of the Finnish Constitution Act of 1919 still form the foundation of Finland’s current constitution and its development during Finnish independence. Vidal’s design reflects the separation of powers into the legislative, executive and judiciary branches. The three partly fused circles on the reverse depict the separation of powers.

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Face value2
DesignersDario Vidal, Luc Luycx
MaterialBase metal
MetalCuNi25 / CuZn20Ni5/Ni12/CuZn20Ni5
Weight8.5 g
Diameter25.75 mm
ManufactorMint of Finland
SerieConstitution Act of Finland 1919



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