Finnish Sauna Culture

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Image source: Mint of Finland

Finnish Sauna Culture 2 

Finnish Sauna Culture is the second special two-euro commemorative coin released in 2018. The obverse of the coin paying tribute to the culture of the sauna depicts a landscape of country saunas, a sight dear to many Finnish eyes. The look of the special two-euro commemorative coin is designed by Erkki Vainio. The total mintage of the special two-euro commemorative coin is one million. Issue date: 22.10.2018

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Face value2
DesignersErkki Vainio, Luc Luycx
MaterialBase metal
MetalCuNi25 / CuZn20Ni5/Ni12/CuZn20Ni5
Weight8.5 g
Diameter25.75 mm
ManufactorMint of Finland
SerieFinnish Sauna Culture



UNC maximum mintage includes also BU and proof quality. Maximum mintage of BU and proof coins are indicated in the table for those coins they are available.

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