Universities and society – University of Turku 100 years

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Universities and society – University of Turku 100 years 2 

Mint of Finland issued 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University of Turku. The University of Turku was founded on 28 February 1920 The grid-like design represents the interaction between universities and the society. At the top of the design, there is the year of issuance ‘2020’, at the right side the mintmark and underneath the mintmark is the indication of the issuing country ‘FI’. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

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Face value2
DesignersPetri Neuvonen, Luc Luycx
MaterialBase metal
MetalCuNi25 / CuZn20Ni5/Ni12/CuZn20Ni5
Weight8.5 g
Diameter25.75 mm
ManufactorMint of Finland
SerieUniversities and society – University of Turku 100 years



UNC maximum mintage includes also BU and proof quality. Maximum mintage of BU and proof coins are indicated in the table for those coins they are available.

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